STR Reference Panels

Name Description Reference Link
hg19 reference STR reference of ~700K loci for STR periods 2-6. These loci were utilized to generate genotypes for Phase 1 of the 1000 Genomes Project 1
Expanded hg19 reference STR reference of ~1.5 million loci for STR periods 1-6 1
spliceSTR reference hg19 STRs within 20 bp of an exon-intron junction. These loci may be involved in regulating alternative splicing 1

STR Catalogs

The following catalogs of STR genotypes are available for download in VCF format:

Name Description Reference Link
1000 Genomes Phase 1 STR genotypes for 1009 individuals from Phase 1 of the 1000 Genomes Project across ~700,000 loci 1
Simons Genome Diversity Project STR genotypes for 300 individuals from the Simons Genome Diversity Project sequenced to 30x coverage 2


Please consider citing one of the following papers if you found a resource useful:

  1. Willems T, Gymrek M, Highnam G, The 1000 Genomes Project, Mittelman D, Erlich Y. 2014. The landscape of human STR variation. Genome research 24(11): 1894-1904